Pyschic Reader
Here are some of the services I provide please note that prices are subject to change.


Astrology Readings

Aura Readings
                      TAROT READINGS


Psychic reading sessions: $50 for 30 min, $75 for an hour.

Payment: etransfer or PayPal to email address [email protected]
                      Cash is always welcome.

I offer services in -- 4670 Highway 3A Beasley, BC  V0G 2G2

I also provide phone readings to people who don’t live in this region.

I travel to Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, Crescent Valley and Rossland for groups, or parties.



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Alternate Services

Psychic Parties

Although most of my work is with individuals and couples, either in person, or by phone, I love to add a little magic to corporate parties, family gatherings and other festive situations, including bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers and graduation parties. Psychic parties usually include Tarot and Palm readings.

Astrology Reading

Astrology is the most useful for timing of events, deeper understanding of yourself and your loved ones, relationship compatibility and selecting good times to start new ventures, businesses, wedding dates and more.
Tarot cards give the finer details that the big picture perspective of astrology may not touch on. These fine details include physical descriptions of people and more clarity about how events unfold. Tarot card reading s can be used to ask specific questions too. I am not a tradition reader,  I use the tarot as a means to tune into your life’s journey. I cover all aspects of life and am open to answering questions about anything.

Palmistry Reading
A palm reading is a life path reading and also gives details about your gifts and talents, marriage, children and the state of your health. Palm readings are also useful for couples in terms of understanding one another more deeply

Aura Reading
Aura readings will tell you about your chakras, your energy, your health and your spiritual gifts.